Thursday, June 23, 2011

wife fulfills husband's fantasy

I am a happily married man of 37.My wife is a sexy 32 year old lady with a passion for quality and experimental sex. We have a tremendous sex life. We both are avid porn watchers and one day I came across a site called fuck my wife/

Both sites dealt with a wife getting fucked by a stranger, preferably a porn star in front of her husband. While watching the first episode I felt highly aroused, especially during the interview session where the host asks the husband whether he is ok with seeing his wife sucking and fucking another man. It gave me a raging hard on.

I kept exploring the site day after day. One weekend while I was having a torrid sex session with my wife suddenly the scene of my wife getting fucked by one of the porn stars came to my mind. As I fantasized my wife being ravaged by a merciless porn star my own thrusts assumed a new dimension and she literally shrieked in uncontrollable pleasure. And when I finally came in huge bursts filling my wife to the brim it was one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced.

Later as we were resting she asked me “What made you cum so hard tonight?”
“You really want to know.”“Yes.”I grabbed my lap top and clicked on my favorite screw my wife movie and said “watch. ’As the interview session started when the husband says that it had been his fantasy to see the wife getting fucked by another man in his presence, my wife said “This cannot be true.”“Keep watching sweetheart.” I said.

She went through half of the movie and said “So how come this made you cum so hard?”As we were extremely frank on sexual matters I said “ I fantasized that you were having sex with another man.” “Really”, she exclaimed. “I know men can’t even tolerate another man even looking at their wives.”“That’s true.” I agreed “But the case is different here.”“So, what do you want me to do?” she looked straight in to my eyes.“Can you make this fantasy come true?”

Are you sure you can handle it?” she asked. “After all seeing and doing are different.” So we had a long discussion. She naturally was very apprehensive yet excited. When I convinced her about me she finally agreed. But then there were other issues. We needed a person who could keep the secret. Moreover he should be someone with sophistication. My wife hates boorish men. Finally it was settled that she will hunt out the suitable man, start an affair of sorts have sex with him and then bring him to our home for fulfillment of my fantasy.

Logical, any man will think twice about doing it for the first time in presence of the lady’s husband. She also hinted that her boss at office had an eye for her, but she had ignored him till now. But to fulfill my fantasy she will ensnare him.

The day after when she came back from office I asked her about the progress. She reported that today she had coffee with him and did some, Sweet talks too. In a matter of days she would take it further. Later in the night we made love and she pretended I was her boss. I told her to call out his name as I pounded her. She groaned “Yes Vimal, fuck me, fuck me.” I came in huge installments bellowing like a bull in the heat. She too achieved an immense orgasm.

In the next few days she interacted with her boss, Vimal, outside the office, for coffee, lunch and even a dinner. She revealed that he was a man of 46, a widower with both children studying abroad. On three occasions he had held her hand and naturally she had not objected. Finally my wife announced that he had invited her for a movie and she had accepted. Well done.” I exclaimed. “Make sure to get corner seats and make the most out of it.”
“You are absolutely sure?” she asked “

If there is still some doubt in your mind I won’t proceed further.”“I am damned sure baby.” I pulled out my raging hard on and she was only too happy to oblige me with a sloppy blowjob and let me cum inside her mouth. The multiplex where they would be going to was a familiar one. As I already had the seat numbers I asked for an audience with the manager and posing as a private detective I managed to grab a seat two rows behind them so I could enjoy the action. So much before they arrived I had taken my seat and I was in disguise with beard and cap. Then I saw my wife entering with her boss Vimal.

I had to agree that my wife did have a good taste in men. He was handsome, with a well worked out body and hardly appeared to be 46. As they took their seats both took a glance at me but chose to ignore me anyway. After all I looked like an old fart in disguise. Most probably they thought I was one of those old men who come to multiplexes just to enjoy the ac. predictably my wife took the corner seat. I also put on my night vision goggles for a better sight.

Within five minutes from the start of the movie I saw him taking my wife’s hands and slowly kissing them. My wife was whispering something, maybe feeble protests, which made him more adventurous. He rested his chin on my wife’s shoulder and started whispering in her ears. Predictably his lips started nibbling at her ear lobe and his hand wrapped around her shoulder. He was rubbing her shoulder gently and nibbling her ear lobe and then he put his right hand over her right thigh rubbing gently. I wished I had one of those audio enhancing devices which enables one to hear faint noises from a distance, but with the

Dolby system in full blast would have definitely made me deaf. So I concentrated on the visual show though not very clear but satisfactory enough. Vimal grew more adventurous as he started rubbing his lips against my wife’s cheek along with the rubbing of the shoulder and thigh. Then he planted a sloppy kiss on her cheeks, and she coquettishly tried to push him back. Obviously it was a mock feminine protest which makes a man go for the plunge.

He read the sign right and in a swift movement found her mouth and sank his lips in to her lips. I felt her shiver and tremble, as for the first time in our marriage she was so close to another man. Simultaneously I felt she was enjoying it as I found her responding by encircling him with her arm. That was all Vimal needed and he literally started feeding on her mouth. He was a good kisser and went on French kissing her for a good two minutes. Both grabbed each other and I felt my dong rising up.

They parted for a brief moment looking in to each other’s eyes and again delved in to a real passionate kiss with their tongues exploring each other’s mouth. They were groping madly and Vimal ‘s hands were now on her breasts fondling them gently over her black chiffon sari. Though I couldn’t hear it my wife was definitely moaning and Vimal heaving in heat. He lowered his mouth to her breast and nuzzled them with his mouth. I saw my wife shudder and my cock harden up. She helped his endeavors by unbuttoning her blouse and releasing her 36d size melons for his custody.

Vimal’s eyes must have popped out to see those gorgeous orbs. He wasted no time in grabbing the left one and started pressing it like dough. With his mouth he found the right one and started sucking kissing and biting it. The way my wife was grabbing him by the hair and throwing back her head, it was clear that she was enjoying the proceedings very well.

Vimal then continued practicing his oral skills on both her boobs while I spotted his right hand sliding down. My wife made some adjustments to her seating position opening up her legs and though not very clear, I felt Vimal’s right hand was sliding underneath her sari and petticoat to find her juicy cunt. I was bang on target as I spotted gentle back and forth movement of his elbow, which suggested he was finger fucking my wife, while gobbling her golden boobs. This really turned me on and my trousers were ready to burst.

He caught hold of a steady rhythm and gradually sped up after two minutes working up a frantic space and I saw my wife literally shuddering uncontrollably. Within half a minute of that furious pace I saw my wife shake her head madly arch up her whole body , grab his head tightly to her breasts and achieve a massive orgasm. Vimal continued the pace until she grabbed his right hand and made him stop. Slowly he lifted his head and kissed her on her lips for a long time.

Then he moved away and slowly withdrew his hand from underneath the sari. He brought up two fingers to her eyes and said something, to which my wife smiled coyly and lowered her eyes. She definitely had cum madly as even from my seat I could see his fingers glistening with her cunt juices. To my amazement Vimal opened his mouth and put his pussy juice drenched fingers inside his mouth and sucked hungrily looking in to my wife’s eyes all the time. He finished sucking on his fingers and said something to which my wife smiled.

I felt well here was a true man and appreciated my wife’s choice. The guy really knows how to satisfy a lady. I found myself eagerly anticipating his next move with a raging hard on in my pants. He shifted the reclining seat further back almost lying straight on his back. I followed his hand which grabbed my wife’s hand and put hit firmly on his crotch. My wife made a feeble protest my shaking her head not so convincingly. From what I know about her libido she was definitely dying to feel the cock. Her feeble protest made Vimal assertive as he started rubbing her palm over his crotch.

She made some mock efforts to move away her hand but Vimal held on to her arm and rubbing till within half a minute she started feeling him herself. In quick movements Vimal unbuckled his belt, unzipped, pulled down his jeans and revealed his boxer shorts which resembled a tent of sorts. Wasting no more time he guided my wife’s hand inside the shorts.To be continued.


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